Hi, I'm Sam Richards.


I'm a software engineer focused on web and smart contract development. I spend my days building dApps on Ethereum and seek projects where I can help push decentralized finance forward.


I was raised on two guiding principles:
1) Never stop learning
2) Choose courage over comfort

I earned a business degree and scholarship while operating my own startup, a venture that generated six-figure profits and led to a fascination with software development and internet marketing.

After graduating in 2012, I managed web analytics and SEO on behalf of large consumer brands at Red Ventures. Programming became a passion as I rapidly deployed marketing websites, built internal tools, and automated tasks such as email reports, web crawls and SQL dashboards.

In 2014 I moved to San Francisco for a 12-week bootcamp to pursue software engineering full time.

For over 3 years I was a product engineer at Neighborly, where I built a municipal bond investment platform. Our technology on-boarded tens of city and state government partners and transacted over $100 million of securities to thousands of local, individual investors. I encountered first-hand the inefficiencies of our current capital markets, encumbered by legacy systems and unnecessary middlemen. I gained technical exposure to real-world blockchain applications and found inspiration in the potential of decentralized systems to democratize access to the opaque world of finance.

After diving deep into Ethereum dApp development with my own personal projects, like Etherview.io, I'm seeking opportunities where I can continue to push the open finance movement forward and create a more transparent, equitable world.


Where to go from here?

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Interested in working together?
Email me at sbrichards(at)gmail(dot)com

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Sam Richards